We would love to have it all now! Many a time, I have wished for things to appear suddenly, only to find reality to kick-in and say that time and effort are needed to make the dream real. In this period, our dream goes back and forth with reality, andContinue Reading

The instant flare that blinds you followed by a heavy headedness; anger creates throbbing headaches and this how your day begins to crumble. Even trying to smile away the gridlocked grim forehead muscles is not going to be helpful. Unlike the rise in restiveness, the rise to tranquillity is wayContinue Reading

With the exam approaching soon, I know that by staying calm, eating well, and preparing until satisfied will get me the results that I want. But, why is that I feel restless? Although it is not forever, why do I ponder so much that I end up getting worked up?Continue Reading