I also take a keen interest in writing for other blogs. Ranging from tech blogs to wild imaginative perspectives, here are my writings.


Sixty360 was a blog my friends and I started as a project during our final year.

The Man Behind the Flight. Click to read.
Fly Faster than Superman. Click to read
Do we need to travel faster? Click to read

Conversation Starters for Dummies. Click to read.

Research and Exploration

Ré, the research forum I co-founded also runs an active blog called research and exploration

Universe, God and Time Travel. Click to read.

5 Steps on the Path to Research. Click to read

UnCity Blog

A wild experience – I travelled over 2500 km to sit on top of a chilly dry mountain, overlooking the white-capped Himalayan range, for a 3-day writing retreat.  During the Himalayan Writing Retreat, I caught a shooting star, or so I thought…

The Shooting Star Caught Me Off-Guard

KCT’s Blog

My blogs are also featured in KCT’s(my college) blog.

How to make the most of the library

A book on the shelf

Alliance Manchester Business School

My trip to Mastercard

IN4.0 Group

Succeeding as a Graduate in an Uncertain Job Market