With the exam approaching soon, I know that by staying calm, eating well, and preparing until satisfied will get me the results that I want. But, why is that I feel restless? Although it is not forever, why do I ponder so much that I end up getting worked up?

There was always excitement when it came to opening a new book. Flipping each page as if unravelling a hidden trove of treasure. But, with an exam tag to it, my walk to the study room is burdensome and long.

The Mirror That Speaks…

Relax. Take nice deep breaths. What you are experiencing is a conflict of the mind, body, and the soul. By analysing it slowly, you will get clear in your answers.

The Mind:

Your mind is clear in thoughts because it knows that you are in a do or die situation where the only way to get out of the exam is through it. It constantly will tell you that you have to do well because the exam is like a fence that you have to cross to get inside the garden.

The Body

Your Body will resist because by nature you are meant to move! Before the exam, you would have been moving around a lot and suddenly to sit and study in one place is difficult. As the body starts to realise that this endeavour will take longer than expected, it starts complaining.

The Soul:

Soul yearns for acceptance from society. You know that you are meant for excellence, and hence, according to your standards, you can’t underperform no matter what.

Your mind is also attracted books, serial, doodling or sometimes eating. Because these activities do not have an exam, you are more prone to take it up. The distraction is because the mind flows smoothly in the path of least resistance. Your soul is creative and excited and by being so, wants to create the maximum impact. Sitting and preparing for the exam is not so creative as expected.

Settling the conflict:

There is no way to prevent your body from communicating with your mind. But by taking shorter breaks, moving around purposely and doing something fun, convinces your body that this is not meant for long. You create a win-win situation.

Tell yourself that for greatness, sacrifice and handwork come with the package. When you repeat this, the soul will understand the path to greatness and this, in turn, convinces the mind. Sometimes the easy way is not the way.

Test yourself. You may not be good the first time, but at least by not performing good, means you will become better!

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