Breaking a habit could sometimes be more difficult than starting one.

Just when we think that we are crawling away from the habit for good, BOOM! We find ourselves perfecting it even further.

The extent to which the habit in imbibed in us and the rigour to get out of the habit can vary considerably and depend on each. The Oracle prophesies different methods for each one of us.

The Mirror that speaks:

Relax. Take nice deep breaths. What you are experiencing is a conflict of the mind, body, and the soul. By analysing it slowly, you will get clear with your answers.

The Mind

Your mind vividly knows what it wants. Because it has to lead your body and soul to get conditioned to whatever it seeks through the habit, it is harder than expected to break away from it. On a fine day, there is a place, somewhere in your soul, that etches itself out and tells you that it is wrong. When this happens, your the mental immunity system kicks in to protect your mind.

In the wake of finding yourself going back again into the habit, you compensate by doing something completely unrelated. A muffin is against the decision to avoid sugar, but a 7km jog this morning deserves a muffin. This is how your mental immunity works.

Mindfully, you can control how your mental immunity should work.

The mind can play tricks!

The Body

When you suddenly find yourself in the habit again, your body gives out symptoms. Identifying them is easy. Head ache is one of the symptoms that come out first.

Your mind drives the body, and the reason why you find yourself again in the habit is that your mind often overpowers the body. It is not your fault to think that your body can’t do much. Instead, call for support from the soul, and that is one way to get past your mental immunity system.

The Soul

The soul is a palace, although it can not be given a shape, where your morale and value system gets framed. Your decision-making skills have the propensity to the soul.

Having a robust resolve and an eye at the broader picture will not let your mental immunity system work.

Another game plan to break a habit is to overshadow it by another, better, bigger and more powerful one.

A habit is the culmination of thoughts and action.

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