I enjoy involving myself in discussions around twisted questions. In some instances, the question will be simple, yet the answer can be twisted and complicated. This article is about a straightforward question.

There are three roles. Each role is lead by a woman

1 – Mother of the child

2 – Principal of a school

3 – Minister of state for child welfare

Imagine that you are a third person thinking about the development of a random child. Which role according to you is more important for the development of a child?

A few things to know:

The mother of a single child can give her everything to the child. The child will naturally get undivided and full attention.

The school principal will have to take care of 500 children. It is her responsibility to make sure the students meet educational expectations, efficiently administer school’s operations, and be a personal mentor to few. The principal’s work and practices will have an impact circle of 500 students.

The minister of state for child welfare is a person who will have many things on her plate: take part in campaigning, attend regular party meets, debate in the parliament sessions, and do a lot of public events. But ultimately her impact will be for all the children in the entire state provided she implements her plan efficiently.

For a child to grow holistically, there are various influencers throughout his/her lifetime. In the list given above, for the child’s growth, which role is more important?


As you know, this is not one of my usual articles. The essence of the article will come out of the comments from you. Our discussion that follows your comments will for sure be entertaining and thought-provoking. I tried my best to give the right amount of information just to keep your thought process neutral. 

There is no right or wrong answer 🙂

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  1. i think mother is the first and the best teacher for a child Arun .. No matter what they learn at school the initial values and what the mother teaches remains with the child.

    1. For obvious reasons, all the three are related. The right combination of all three will bring about wholesome development for a child.

      But with right attitude and care from mother – the child can learn to rectify (or adjust) to an imperfect system, be it school or state. so absolutely, mother comes first.

  2. Mother of a child is more important for the development of a child. Change should begin at home and in this case the same formula will work.

  3. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

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