Any change is difficult to bring about. But tradition needs to be re-evaluated in today’s context. Chattisgarh is a word that seldom crosses my mind, but that is not the case with ‘Maoists’ or ‘Naxals’. If such words occur more frequently in my life, then there must be a perspectiveContinue Reading

the north east_arun

Of all the books I have read for the past few years, this has taken me the longest time to complete. Half the size of a Game of Thrones book but longer it took for comprehending and understanding the connections, the stories, the emotions, the actions and the consequences andContinue Reading

In the laziness of an afternoon after a heavy lunch, I turn the last leaf of the book that shaped my final few days of 2016, now with hope of reshaping 2017 to be meaningful. Amidst a daze in thought, the book physically lies in front of me, questioning, “WhatContinue Reading