India’s beauty is that each part of it is built on a foundation made up of ancient history, folklore legends, and diverse cultures. You can talk about each state in length, including Sikkim.

The book is more than his brave stories of slaying man-eaters. It is educational and informative because it opens up the life of a tiger and what causes them to become man-eaters.

I desired to restart this project with a bang. In an instance, I knew of one state that would fit the bill. It had to be Gujarat, a politically charged state, nestled in the western corner of India.

Any change is difficult to bring about. But tradition needs to be re-evaluated in today’s context. Chattisgarh is a word that seldom crosses my mind, but that is not the case with ‘Maoists’ or ‘Naxals’. If such words occur more frequently in my life, then there must be a perspectiveContinue Reading

My journey took a turn through Uttar Pradesh. Tanuja Chandra blatantly captures the stories she grew up listening to. Such stories set our moral code.

My next article in the increadible India project. This article will give you a quick insight on what the Hoysala dynasty has done in the region of Karnataka. Read more to know the comparisons between the 1010 AD and 2017 AD