Hi there!

Have you ever come across something called the T model?

Well…it chiefly says that people can be categorised into two groups: the specialists(people who fit themselves in the vertical line) and the generalists(people stretch themselves on the horizontal line).

Guess where I sit?

Right at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical line. Folks like me, call ourselves the generalist-specialists. 

This BLOG is a generalist-specialists’ experiences from his life.

I, in particular, love to brain fart (you read it right) my way to look at things from various angles. I then begin to weave a string through all of them and find some usable inner meaning; it is these links that we often fail to observe. Through my articles, I try my best to showcase those links that you can pick and use.

You will find articles on management, productivity, leadership, philosophy, travel, and books.

Apart from the mumbo-jumbo, I do make my days lively by taking up projects. India through its pages is one such project; I am travelling around India, discovering the diversity, and learning its richness through books and writing. You are more than welcome to join this journey. 

Feel free to get in touch with me. You have all the social media connections on the right side of this page.

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