We would love to have it all now! Many a time, I have wished for things to appear suddenly, only to find reality to kick-in and say that time and effort are needed to make the dream real. In this period, our dream goes back and forth with reality, and this shuffle leaves us with a constant struggle in having to wait. Understanding the struggle through the mind-body-soul lens might through in some light that might ease the pain.

The mind:

I think that there are three sources for the struggle from the mind’s perspective. Firstly, the mind can disconnect itself from reality, and once disconnected, it can quickly envision an idealistic dream without any toil. Secondly, the mind can compare. “Oh, I wish I had that too like him/her!” kind of thinking is bound to make us feel that dream is further away for us, and the struggle extends. And finally, the mind can be stubborn. The struggle can be aggravated when our mind simply refuses to accept reality. This is where the “Oh, why me” self-loathes does more harm than good.

The body:

Perhaps of all the three elements, the body is the closest to reality because you use your senses to experience what is around you. That by itself could be the source of the struggle from the body’s perspective. You know you have not yet attained the dream, and you have no clue to having an exact estimate of how long it would take. Thus this could give you a feeling of endlessness which could very much cause the struggle.

The soul:

Soul satisfaction is a term that is becoming popular. Indeed, the soul does need to get satisfied with what we do. This could be the real source of the struggle because in trying to fulfil the soul, we might deviate in search of more comfortable wins. Eventually, we will get back on track heading towards our dream. This mini deviation implies more time to make the dream work and therefore, longer the struggle in having to wait.

One thing I have realised that the struggle can be removed when all three are satisfied: the mind, the body, and the soul. And in this fight, the soul can be the anchoring element. Celebrating the little wins and being satisfied in moving towards the dream one day at a time will help. By doing so, all sources of the struggle are removed. With the acceptance of the current state, the mind no longer has the need to disconnect itself from reality. However, the mind does continue to compare, but it is with yesterday. This comparison is absolute meaning, you would be in a constant state of improvement as long as you are putting in the effort one day at a time. The soul gets satisfied, and the body feels happy with the celebration. In essence, this analysis corroborates the fact that looking at the journey as more important than the destination.

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