This week’s curiosity box has been a perfect example of how we discover new knowledge by questioning the simplest of things that are right in front of us. This week, I cover the following topics Why is the close button in the corner of the screen? What is the conceptContinue Reading

– What is the most expensive piece of fabric you can buy?

– Why are pigs and humans similar?

– Can you make trick yourself to like learning something?

– How do you measure world’s happiness?
– Where did the fidget spinners go?
– Are you missing a muscle?

– Why are bicycle gear so complex?

– What have people been tweeting about during this election?

– Is there an easy way to choose a good movie to watch in Netflix?

– Why do you not get an extra – extra hot coffee from a café?

– Do the northern lights appear only in the north?

– When is a Mr more respectable than a Dr?
– What is Kafkesque?
– Should I be concerned about my pH levels?

– What is the story behind the chorus?

– What is the science behind burnouts?

– Can you control machines through webcams?

Can the world’s biggest animal get larger?

Why do our muscles start shaking when we exercise?

When do we need to stop looking?

The armed forces have kept me curious this week. The hard struggle, the little quirks, and the sheer dumbness are in this curiosity box

In Greece, do they still call it Greek yogurt?

Why does drinking beer make you feel colder?

What is the right way to make an omelette and why?