In Greece, do they still call it Greek yogurt?

Why does drinking beer make you feel colder?

What is the right way to make an omelette and why?

Can you control someone else mind?

How on Earth can you find out that there is life in space?

How can one city have two different levels of economic prosperity?

What is the deal with the Chrysanthemum flower?

What is the story behind the “fingers-crossed” gesture?

For a proper sleep health what should you [not] consider

What is the inspiration behind the USB’s logo

After the biggest slump in GDP, where can India go?

Is there a measure for financial freedom?

Could the world’s strongest animal be one of the smallest?

Migraine, not a mild headache

How hot can the hottest place on Earth get?

Mosquitoes in Mosquito City and

How does a car actually turn?

– What is a fuel that helps spread fake news?

– Why and how – Belly button lint

– Do we have a new zodiac sign?

– What have I missed about Lebanon?
– Like books, can journals also be judged?
– What else do animals use if they have poor sight?

Why is lockdown affecting sleep patterns?

Do you burn more calories when you exercise in a hotter climate?

How far do the roots of Voodoo go?

This week’s Curiosity Box has  Can you juxtapose Pulitzer Prize winners with other books? What is the story behind a fairy tale? How and why do space agencies track Asteroids and Comets? 1. Pulitzer prize winners vs the rest: Last week, a simple analysis revealed that a book that hasContinue Reading