The instant flare that blinds you followed by a heavy headedness; anger creates throbbing headaches and this how your day begins to crumble. Even trying to smile away the gridlocked grim forehead muscles is not going to be helpful. Unlike the rise in restiveness, the rise to tranquillity is way slower than you think.

The impatience and the need for instant results are in our genetic code. Some would call it the curse of the millennials, but I think there is another angle to it; there is absolutely no need for blame and guilt, but anger can be triggered by even our innate selves. And of course, there are more trigger points: being a misfit in an alien milieu, instant gratification, unreasonable people, or hiding one’s faults.

The Mirror that Speaks

Relax. Take nice deep breaths. I look at anger as a conflict of the mind, body, and the soul. By analysing it slowly, you will find your answers on how to get over this.

The Mind:

In situations like this, it is the mind that gets the most affected and takes the longest to soothe. Through the mind, your body and soul gets ingrained with negativity.

“The mind is to be looked at as a sink that absorbs and a source that radiates energy.”

When you are angry, you naturally radiate negative energy. In addition to that, there are ways your mind searches and picks out instances only to add fuel to the fire.

Your mind seeks instances to flare out again for no apparent joy: unnecessary honking, the dog barking, the taste of the food, or the extra sugar in the morning coffee. Simple quotidian happenings turn as trigger points only because the angered mind converts them.

The Mind is the source and the sink.

The Body

Your body follows the mind, and at times aid your anger. Stomping around, throwing things, punching walls(or people) are nothing but a reflection of how your mind feels.

Your body getting worked up could add a tremendous amount of stress to your mental health, or be a cause for physical pain of any form.

The Soul

Anger is something that disguises your true inner self. For that moment you no longer are the bundle of joy to your loved ones; you are seen as an alien, and poor souls, people around you have no clue on how to help this new you.

Remember that your soul absorbs and radiates energy, and anger is the poisonous catalyst.

Settling the conflict

Meditation as a tool, if practised consistently, helps you perceive the ways to overcome anger. I do a brief 10 min meditation after my morning bath and before bedtime, and I have visibly reduced my spurs of flaring up. By doing so, you too can deal with anger by keeping it at the bay itself.

A 3-minute gratification journal every morning will help you become more optimistic, and thereby help you overcome trying situations.

Move the body away from the heat by creating some distance. A short drive, the mini-vacations in the middle of the week, and investing in yourself, massages and exercises, help you divert your mind to something more pleasant. Even after the slightest form of relaxation, you can solve the problem without having anger in the equation.

“The body goes where the mind goes; the mind goes where the breath goes.”

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  1. Very very well written…..Yes if each one realises….and tries to control their own feelings….the pathway of life will not have the created thorns…that peace of mind fetches contentment and success too ! Keep going !!

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