In every mind, there is immunity that does not necessarily do only good. I believe the mental immune system functions this way.

When you scrape your knee or a cut on your finger, what happens to your body? I bet you know. Similarly on the inside, when there is an attack by a virus or when you run a temperature, what happens to your state of health and what does it imply? Our anatomy is engineered in such a way that the immune system kicks in, working its way to see how to cure your body so that you are up and running.

Our immunity works by releasing the inbuilt antibodies through the white blood cells to fight against the germs and viruses. At the end of the day, it makes you feel better.

Little did I know that most of us also have an immune system for our mind. Yes, exactly, we have for the mind as well.

The Mental Immunity System gets us away from our goals! – at times

On the contrary, this immune system sometimes drives us off track, leading us to stray from timelines; preventing us from reaching our goals. The functionality of this system is no different from the body’s immune system. I do doubt if there are antibody versions for this, but it does whatever it is supposed to do.

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It makes you feel better and gets you up and running

This is how it drives us off track

I feel that the reason why we stray off track is because of this system. When we set ourselves a goal and when we get tired, or we stray off track or say we find it strenuous to continue on the set path, we become sad.

We fret, we hate ourselves, start doubting our potential, and even in some cases, we give up!

To balance this negativity the mental immune system kicks in. The mind makes you do ordinary, easy things and convinces you that the satisfaction you get from it is more than enough.

Yes! It overpowers us by snatching our freedom to think, and directs us to a path that we never wanted to take.

You may have set yourself a goal of getting up at 5 am for the rest of the week. The first day, you are up when the alarm goes off at 5 am. Second or third day of the week, we will tell ourselves that we have had a long day or need more rest to survive the board meet today. Somedays I have told myself that it is raining outside and hence I need more sleep. The snooze button now gets into effect.

What I believe is that it is our mental immunity that is so strong, forcing us to do easy things, so that we don’t suffer from failing to do the task we set ourselves.

But there is a dark side to it.

‘At the dawn of realisation man knew that he could not be contained within the limits of the world’. The Godly words I just made up imply that there will be days when you suddenly realise that you are off track and again you force yourself back to the goal. Succeed at times, but also fail at times.

The sad part is that some of us won’t realise that the mental immune system overpowers us.

Such is its power!

Stay tuned for my next article, where I talk about what causes this mental immunity to build up and how we can break the ice!

As stray as it sounds, this is my theory and would love to hear what you think! Comment below or email me at

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  1. Ya tats true, everyone might have experienced the mind overpowering our goals sometime. I remember a movie named “Inside out” which portrays the mind is like in control of five emotions (joy, anger, sadness, disgust,fear). If we could balance our emotions, I think we can make the immune system of our mind go well.

    1. Author

      That is true. A great perspective to look at the theory.

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