If one man in his lifetime can do such a fantastic job why can’t we ‘the public and the government’ do it. It is complete indifference that blinds us.

This is where a friend who knows you to the extent that he/she can almost predict you is a safe backup option to avoid mental illness.

“Opportunities seldom knock on the door”. Have you come across this quote? On the other hand, I guess the opportunities of the current world knock often.

With technology impacting our lives, all we are left with is growth and development of industries (old and new) and all niches that come in between. The speed is not snail-paced, it is exponential. Our vanguards ask if we have left our human-ness astray, as we have allowed “Human-Interaction” toContinue Reading

It was a YES that got you reading this newsletter. Likewise, there is a “YES” to every decision you take. But why do we say a lot of YESes?

More you achieve, through your informed decisions, the more energy you will need. The cycle repeats itself. So, more choices, more control right?


Let 2018 be a new beginning. I have learnt and followed a lot of principles during my time in 2017. But here are my 18 MAK Tip points for 2018