didn’t want to be a bystander in the fight against fake news. But the single most common recommendation by prominent organisations simply doesn’t work. I have three layers of security…

We would love to have it all now! Many a time, I have wished for things to appear suddenly, only to find reality to kick-in and say that time and effort are needed to make the dream real. In this period, our dream goes back and forth with reality, andContinue Reading

An impetus – is what I search for when I need to move and do something that I deem productive. In the context of this article, being productive implies taking up a new course, writing pieces for this blog, or hitting the gym. This very blog was an impetus fromContinue Reading

If one follows the saying, don’t pay heed to what people say behind your back, there is a high chance for you to impede your professional development. Although it is counter-intuitive, selective attention to what others say can also help build group dynamics. Research suggests that for holistic leadership development,Continue Reading

Whenever I meet the “expert”, a recurring chain of thought I get in hindsight is, “If only I had that person’s personality, I would be better in my skill”.

My honeymoon days of using a checklist last usually for 3-6 weeks.So just as productive they can be, checklists are also counter-productive.

From my experience, a group that keeps the differences intact performs way better than groups that strive for achieving cohesiveness in thinking.

A common-good is “what is shared and beneficial for all or most members of a given community”. A question that puzzles me is on a scale of how good a common-good can be, where does the internet stand?