Once upon a time, it was effortless to fire away dreams with three simple words: “I wanna be…”. However, a “but” at the start of the next sentence is a pointer that the dream didn’t end as expected. I do muse on how only a handful of people can unravel their dreams the way want it to. What about the rest? What puzzles me is why does a deviated path become apparent only in retrospect. If we can tilt the balance to be able to take greater control over how the dream’s narrative should be, then can we stop ourselves from moving towards something we’re not?

I do start with many a good aim, and stride towards it. On the other hand, we also know what we don’t want; right from staying away from eating the extra scoop of ice-cream to degenerating behaviour. But soon we find ourself deviated, and it is exacting to get back on track from drift off. Hell, this is where we would fall into a quandary and might even begin to question our “worthiness”. If only it were simple to know ahead, all the drama could be avoided. 

But there might be a simple hack…

The un-disputable “focus” and your hand in building peer pressure are useful instruments to have a check and balance in such matters. 

Staying focused is a universal message, and undoubtedly there are no other substitutes. It does help us to unravel the dream the way we want it to. However, we are not as strong as the strategy is. It is so easy to let distractions take over, and we end up exerting more energy on trying to stay focused rather than working the dream. 

A more natural way would be to check on how we are contributing to the peer pressure of someone else. It’s easy cause it involves looking at how others are behaving (wink). I do believe that this antithetical strategy of self-introspection is more effective than looking at how we are instead affected by peer pressure. 

What is it that you need to look out for?

In pursuit of the dream, we need to build ourself towards it. The simple SWOT would say, convert your weakness to a strength. But I believe that in place of that, a more suitable method would be to enhance and act on your existing strengths. This is because when you start with weakness, there is a high possibility that demotivation would push you away from the dream. So next time, watch how events unravel in front of your friend when an attempt is made to convert the weakness into a strength. It doesn’t matter if your friend succeeds or not, what matters is for you to reverse engineer those events and build guidelines for yourself to stay on track towards the goal. 

In our attempts to stay on course and not move towards something we’re not some simple hacks are useful along the way. We no longer would need a “but” in the second sentence of our dream’s narrative. 

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  1. That was like a refreshing cool drink in a hot summer day . In sure this will act like a tonic for the reader !! Excellently and precisely told. !!! You do have a talent ….keep on….

  2. Literally one hell of an in-depth insight, I’ve ever read. Can find how your thoughts are improving exponentially. Kudos jinglee!

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