Failures will make you give one of the most dubious stares at the person in the mirror – doubting yourself is a grave pit you dig for yourself. It will also inchoate questions, questions that only cover the pit with you in it: “Are you meant for greatness?”, “Do you think you can do it?”, “Have you wasted time?”, “What if I fail again?” are some of the enumerated list of stead-doubted-ness.

Give yourself the biggest sigh possible, and word this mantra as loud as you can.

“Well…Shit Happened!”.

For this is when will you begin to accept the failure.

If you have mutated yourself regressively then know this, “Heros and Cowards feel the same way during every situation. It is how they respond that makes them a hero or a coward”.

Face it

Right after crossing the first step, you will feel solitude to be the perfect haven; it will neither lighten reality nor vanish the failures.

Failure, nowadays, comes with a package, and the only way through it is to face everything that is included.

You will augment the negativity by convincing yourself for the easier option and by covering up your failure by doing many “smaller” things.

“I happen to be in a very tough business where there are no alibis. It is good or it is bad and the thousand reasons that interfere with a book being as good as possible are no excuses if it is not…Taking refuge in domestic successes, being good to your broke friends, etc. is merely a form of quitting“ – Ernest Hemingway

You can call the quote ruthless, but there is no denying the fact; there is a mental immunity system that does not necessarily protect you all the time. You will not ultimately benefit from symptomatic reliefs alone.

Repenting is not going to help you trace your way back to re-correct whatever you did; be smart and create a mental map of the way forward. Practice, practice, and practice till an exhausted mind and body is the only reason why you sleep, and now, even unconsciously, you will not repeat the mistake.

With everything done, might as well as grab a drink and say, “CHEERS!”. Celebrate your failures as well, for now, you have a reason to improve

Maintain the Momentum

Even if you drop a storm, rattle the world till the rector scale shakes 8 or flood the lands till no mountains can be seen, come what may, the Earth will continue to rotate.

Over time your mind has learnt to beautifully masquerade quitting with relaxing. Relaxing may seem good, but it could be the wrong move you make in a game of snakes and ladders that send you right from tile 97 to tile 3. No matter what you do, maintain your steadfastness in your keystone habits: the daily dose of reading, consistent writing, exercise, or salubrious lifestyle – what ever you have/had in practice must be revamped and continued.

However, you will never get a different result by experimenting the same way. Your re-attempt needs a different approach with a different perspective. Implement this approach in your practice routine and see how wonders unravel.

Rewrite the chapter on a clean slate.

You now have a mental picture of what you must do. By having a reinforced focus and rigour, move towards the goal and don’t give up. Your mental barriers are bound to break, and pretty soon your struggles will become nice stories to share.

“The only way into the possible is to step into the impossible”

You can ask, “Hey Arun, easier said than done!”,

Well…”, grinning at you, “What do you think made me write this article?”.

I will warn you; Repeated failures are bound to happen. Hard work is tenuous but fun, and that makes it all the better. Remember that the night is shorter and the next day is closer than you think.

Deep breaths, Keep calm and Yell, “REPEATU!


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  1. Quite a stormy session..okay……carry on your venture.. my blessings and wishes are with you…..

  2. Those who ar with high motivation ,even if they lose all their possessions, will never feel desperate….

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