One of the most incredible experiences a person can get from working in an organisation is to learn from others. I believe so because learning is amplified due to the multiplier effect we get; the more people and more topics to speak about, the more^2 knowledge you tap into.

I took a short hiatus from writing in this blog because I was fully occupied most mornings and several weekends in the last 18 months to write my grandparents’ life story. Their story is a recount of my grandparents’ journey, and in all these years they were together, they gave us nothing short of the best.

Whenever I meet the “expert”, a recurring chain of thought I get in hindsight is, “If only I had that person’s personality, I would be better in my skill”.

After attending the first lecture on September 17th, I was already on the lookout for when the Christmas break would begin. I remember giving out a big sigh when I thought about the 12 looming weeks ahead of me. [something happened and then next thing I know] Christmas break began.Continue Reading

Who said Santa comes only for Christmas? I open the envelope that I have in hands and find tickets to Wimbledon. An experience I will never forget!