An impetus – is what I search for when I need to move and do something that I deem productive. In the context of this article, being productive implies taking up a new course, writing pieces for this blog, or hitting the gym. This very blog was an impetus from my teacher. The impetus for me to even think about joining the gym was my friend calling me fat. I can go on giving many more similar examples, and yes, these impetuses have come from others.

Overtime, irrespective of whether I have become more skilled or ripped, I have become more reliant on the impetus to keep me going and being productive. I find it harder to continue being productive when the impetus no longer exists.

Yoda would have said that the force is within you.

Being Yoda to find the impetus from within every single time is hard work. I think that when you line yourself up with more hard tasks like a terrace, a mind will find the easy way out – which is to be lazy and not productive. 

I then try my best to muster up enough energy to get back to being productive. After a few weeks, I end up getting burnt out. In these times, I realise I am at the same stage skill-wise. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating for me than being in a state of zero progress.

Every time I repeat this cycle, I only work to get back on track and not really work on improving a certain skill. Having a continuous impetus to break this cycle is impossible. 

The best way forward is to have an impetus that is a series of incremental nudges that pulses continually. To do so, I have created a formula called 90-7(3). With this formula, I have been able to find ways for keeping myself in a track. 

More information on my 90-7(3) in my next article. 

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