Setting a goal beyond a self-perceived scope was when I realised that that is a challenge worth pursuing. A challenge that had 50 days looking at me and 25 articles to be posted. I set myself to this kind of goal because I have started to realise the importance of writing daily.

It was in the month of September 2016 I bought a domain and started writing, ‘blogs articles’. With a simple aim of posting a minimum of 4 articles a month, i.e., one very week. The first month was great! I was happy with myself because I got 4 in a row in the first attempt.

The next month I almost lost track of the aim and somehow squeezed the other four articles as well. But, I was sweating it out and stretching myself to the maximum to get four blogs out.

The third month was the bummer. In spite of the hard work, I got only two articles out. In February, I was desperate. I somehow squeezed 1 article in the last day of the month.

But now, into my 10th day of my challenge, I have been consistent with the plan because the importance has become vividly clear.


With a lot of writing, one gains great hands-on experience in improving the language. Depending on your motive and purpose, you can choose the language and medium with which you write.

The medium on which you write can be an electronic version, like this article or just your pages in your daily journal. Electronic formats are better, and the reason is given at the end of this article.


To write you also have to read a lot. The more you read, the more you can write, and that is the simple algorithm for writing. I have this consistency in writing because I read 3 to 4 books a month.


What follows the knowledge sharing is the sweetest. The discussions you have with your friends/audience on the topic can expand your knowledge and is just as good as reading books.

One piece of advice, initially encourage comments and discussions. Facebook did not start with 3.4 billion users on its first day. You having 1 or 2 discussing the topic is great! This gives you depth in the knowledge and also different perceptions. That is important if you want to be involved in any conversation.

To find out how I write daily and maintain consistency read my article here!

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    1. Author

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  1. It gave the importance of writing to fullest in a crispy way.

    1. Author

      I hope I did justice. But Sharmila, how do you think this importance can be made consistent?

  2. Its a great compliment for UPSC aspirants in their MAINS perspective. (ESSAY + GS papers)

    1. Author

      Oh great! Are they asked to write daily? That is interesting… What would be the areas that are covered by this writing test?

      1. Writing test includes Static as well as dynamic part of Geography, History,Economics and so on…
        20 questions,

        It will be a value addition to
        ETHICS & ESSAY papers.
        Its Simple,if an aspirant follow this,He ll get an holistic approach,& can complete the paper 10 mins before!

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