Let 2018 be a new beginning. I have learnt and followed a lot of principles during my time in 2017. But here are my 18 MAK Tip points for 2018

Achievers get what they want and to top it, they live their dream and Guessers doubt themselves by assuming that they can’t achieve. Rituals are the reason.

create space maktheway

Have you felt that you are at your best when you are in ‘your space’? Why is that we are not able to get our space whereever we go? Read to know more!


So how important can writing daily be? Through practice and consistency, the benefits are my the multiples. Read to know why I think one should write daily

You find your gym trainer at McD hogging away a Maharaja Mac. Your uncle who is against you smoking, but sneaks out to take a fag. In situations like this, what do you do now? Sitting right across the desk, you can see the person who goes completely against ofContinue Reading