Let 2018 be a new beginning. Here are my 18 MAK Tip points

1 – The next generation of the world now will look up to us. Set an example. Remember, we are being watched.

2 – Exercise. Burn fat. Get fit. Feel healthy. Eat properly. Muscles grow in the gym, six packs are developed in the kitchen. Think before you eat.

3 – Let’s vow to each other that we will help the other grow, and we in-turn grow as a collective group.

4 – Let’s work harder. Remember, our competition lies outside the walls. It is us vs. them.

5 – Let there be no finger pointing anymore. Remember, when you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing at you. Take the ownership and be proud because what you do is great work.

6 – Life is beautiful, live it; let life seep into your skin and right into your heart.

7 – Read. Never ever stop acquiring knowledge. Develop skills, master it. Struggle.

8 – Keep in touch with old relationships, give yourself to people around you, and forge new friendships every day.

9 – Do not be afraid to take the plunge. An idea to action requires a first step.

Vantha mala pona mayiru.

10 – Gain new experiences. Try new things. Go to new places. Smell strange things.

11 – Start writing. For when you write, you will create. And base the writing on the actions you do. Do not forget that people like Gandhi, Hitler, Dr Kalam, or St. Theresa are still living amongst us because of what they did and what was written by them.

12 – Miracles don’t happen. You have to engineer them. Do not have hope. Have faith. Hope is like walking through fire, faith is jumping over it.

13 – Be hardworking and be street smart as well. Competition is high. Don’t be too hard working to be naive, at the same time don’t be too street smart, to be unethical. Build your values.

14 – Make people smile. Adhula varum ya oru kicku. Don’t be a miser, get people gifts. Compliment them. Make them feel special.

15 – Do not wear a mask; don’t be a backstabber. Be open to receive negative feedback and don’t hesitate to give negative feedback

16 – Plan your day. This means you plan your week. Start the week on Sunday. Start one hour earlier every day. What is wrong with having a head start? Use it.

17 – Avoid distractions. Be focused. Doing too many things is not cool. Social media, mindless scrolling, un-necessary chats, unfruitful acts, can and should be shunned as much as possible.

18 – Tomorrow is new year’s. Doesn’t it feel special? To be honest, it is just a change in the calendar. The sun will rise again the day after. So celebrate every day. Every day is a new beginning, and every day is meant to be lived.

I wish you a happy new year.

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