We all these days get stuck in monotony easily and end up getting frustrated. How do we break that to get things more interesting?

Well, here is the MAK tip extracted from the words of Sadhguru.

When I grew up as a child, the arena for sports was possible almost anywhere. I often used to take my bicycle out for scouting trips looking for empty grounds(land that was about to be used for a building in the near future) or some easily scaleable walls and trees to play this game called ice number.

That was the time the video games and the electronic devices were booming at an alarming rate and here I was getting down in the gutter to pick up cricket balls that fell in. Back then, my family was not in a position to afford everything that came new in the market and I thank god for being in that state. I almost feel, I was part of the last generation (the 90’s kids) to actually have playfulness and some serious sports in the streets.

The very same street, now, I use only when I go out or when I get back to my house. The same length and breadth of tar now doesn’t excite me…

Have we grown out of fun or to put it in a word…matured?

Sadhguru says, ”Look at it as a game”. The “it” here refers to whatever you do when you are not sleeping. A game makes it fun and fun in turn leads to productivity.

Thats the link we miss”

Have you every played a game whole heartedly? (could be the last 2000 points to get the high score in temple run or when you need a 6 out of the last ball) What happens to you at that moment? To be honest, you can never ever play half heartedly.

If you go back and think, you actually forget about yourself, the dress you are wearing, the food you had, everything. Completely and somehow unconsciously you are in a trans state and every cell in your body is doing that “one thing”.

Imagine the power if you can get that trans state while writing a research journal, in a board meeting, while designing and building a house, while riding your bike, replying to emails, a client meet, a sales pitch, a seminar/lecture or while studying.

BOOM ! The ball is out of the park! … and still going.

Why should we mature?

For every game, there are rules that make the game. Maturity can come while framing the rules and not while playing it. Who needs maturity to play. You need skill. Practice, you will get there eventually. Practice the sales pitch, practice designing, practice learning, continuously and consistently.

The MAK Tip is in the heart of the game. Use it.

You must however, have the fire and desire to win. When you loose it then there is no game at all. Give it your best and It’s ok to lose, cause the journey matters more than the destination. So you might as well as do it with playfulness right?

And thats exactly the link we missed.

“Playfulness in the game we love the most. “

Now will it be boring?

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  1. Interesting……looking forward to reading more

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