The day I sat in the pavement in the road and saw something that I missed.

Two huge bags packed…check, coolers… check, book to read…check and watch…check. The trip was set and about to begin. A 3 day stay in Bangalore, where I would be working hand in hand with a few startups and attending a bootcamp along with them in preparing a business model. The kind of trips I get, honestly!

I had to wait for being picked up by my colleagues from work. I was at the pickup point and waiting for them and I get a call, “Delayed by about 45 minutes”. I decided to stand for the entire 45 min wait. 15 minutes after my decision I changed my mind as the heaviness of the bag could no longer be ignored. I had no choice, I just sat down in the pavement of a busy state highway.

Something strange happened when I sat in the pavement. It look as though I became visible to the world I have missed all these years. I was approached by a man and the opening statement was that I will become rich.(somebody hire him as a salesperson) After seeing what was in his hand, I came to realise that he was a fortune teller. He was standing all this while right round the corner and I had missed spotting him when I was standing. After that strange encounter with a man who suddenly appeared out of no where, I saw this police officer accept “something” from a motorist. There was a wire that connected two lamp posts. The wire in fact had no purpose at all. Just tied to the two lamp posts. A drunk guy slowly walking. Almost every face of a motorist had a frown.

I was opened up to things we fail to observe by just changing the angle of my view. The link you have missed is the ability to change the view angle. Target and look at the problem from a whole new angle. You will be able to see the difference.

So here is the MAK Tip to get back on track to the ability to change the viewing angle

Tip 1

One thing I enjoy doing is having a piece of wood in my hand. Something that would fit inside your hand would be perfect but if you are out in the garden just get hold of a stick. Irregularly shaped, the better.

This is for those who need something to hold, touch and feel in order to think. Place the piece of wood in the middle of the table. Imagine that as the problem you want to attack. Move around and think at different places while looking at the piece of wood.

If wood does not help, you can use almost anything. Coins help as well.

Tip 2

Have a closed group of friends/colleagues who don’t think like you. Rivalry, competition, argument and contradictions are words that should best describe your relationship with that friend/colleagues when it comes to work. Professional rivalry can take you to places.

The best movie to explain this is Rush.

Tip 3

Role play. One of the key supporting parameters when it comes to design thinking and ideating is to perform role plays. Become the character you want to impress.

Becoming another person and thinking from his shoes can bring in a whole different picture when it comes to changing the angle. All you have to do is behave and act like that person.

Tip 4

Become creative. One thing I loved doing when I was young was to buy colouring books and fill in all possible colours. Buy a chart paper and create by drawing your thoughts. You should not worry if the elephant looks like a cat. One step at a time. But be colourful and don’t structure your thought process while holding the pen.

The colours should go with the flow and eventually your thoughts will take a picture.

Tip 5

Search, study, learn, implement, experiment, improvise and execute. The long but steady path to trying out new things by changing your perspective can become possible only when you broaden your knowledge. Open mindedness to discover is needed. This may be the tuff road to traverse but the destination is worth it.

Choose the kind of posts that must appear in your timeline. Applications like flipboard comes into play. Stitcher the podcast app is another way to get to know more from people across the world

Change the view, the problem wont seem as intimidating as it was.


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