I recently visited Goa for a so called “4 day vacation” after 9 months of work day in and day out. It was, to be honest, more relaxing, than exciting. Even with the fact that I normally get excited when I visit new places, I was more relaxed and preferred to stay in my room.

This relaxed state of mind got my senses refreshed and I started rethinking. We need this more in our work and to balance the work-life ratio.

Nothing new and striking as far as the place is concerned. There isn’t any unique landscape too. Well, if you are from a place that has barren land for as far as your eyes can see, then Goa will be totally different. But for some reason I had this high expectation that Goa will be unique, but it wasn’t striking different.

I landed in Goa an hour after noon and it was as usual, the noisy kind of place any Indian tourist spot will have. The drive to the hotel did not make me stick my head out and point out to things that one wont normally find in their city. Nothing out of the box and you have everything in your city as well.

SO what makes Goa, “GOA” when you have everything in your city?

“Beer?” – not at all. The Goans and the tourist all have this “Relaxed mind”

So here is the missing MAK link to be more relaxed in your workplace.


Water is one of the elements  to calm your mind. Whether you hear it or drink it, water can calm you down. Most of us sit and travel in an air conditioned capsule. Even if you don’t sweat, keep yourself hydrated.

But, for all the urban dwellers who don’t have a water body to go to and relax your mind, you will have to, very sorry to say this, but you will have to buy a small water fountain. Why not? It is fun and would help you practice mindfulness.

Beer (Highly Recommended) or any cold drink to chill.

Having a pint in your hand and taking a sip when you are in your meetings is a game changer. Keeping yourself hydrated and cool all the time is the trick. Have a drink as and when you feel like it. I suggest you write an email to your boss asking for a fridge immediately. Thats step 1. The size of the fridge, well, depends on how many rounds you can take.

Weekends go on rides

Goa as a tourist hub, did not have proper cab service or for that matter, no proper public transportation. For this, they had two wheelers that localities rent it out for 300 bucks a day. The process you have to go through to get one bike for rent is as easy as pie.

When my friends and I started conceptualising a student run research forum in an educational institution, it took us almost 3 months to ideate and fix on the operational process flow. This is what happens. You tend to loose time when you don’t have the MAK TIP!

But two wheelers are easy to get it for a day or two days. s if you have a gear less one, then awesome.


In Goa food was relatively costly when compared to the restaurants in Coimbatore, but since we were a bunch of guys who took this vacation with their parents’ money, we stayed with the starters and a drink of course. What I am saying here guys, keep the food lite. Don’t eat till you are full.

Water, beer, weekend rides and food are internal factors and you don’t need to depend on other for it.


How can I forget. Just having greenery covered in your office space. The small potted plants that you can get for 100 bucks will go for a long way.

Just as how water when in your surrounding can give a positive effect, so can plants. If you want to test this, go to a hill station.

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