Pause this very second. Have you been in such situations? You start something in a zeal that can take over anything that comes in your way, do so many other things as a result of the zeal and unconsciously, in the back of your mind, you forget why you started it and yeah, you end up seeing the end of the road.
Turning back is not a bad thing to do. In-fact, as a result of turning back, you will learn a lot and that is exactly what I did.


Consistency is the Key. 


Guys, so permit me tell you what I have learned when I turned back.  I opened my laptop (which I normally do everyday) and set about typing my next newsletter (this actually made my day). Dreams when they are scary and when they tend to intimidate you, then those are the dreams worth chasing. But while in pursuit you won’t be able to see, won’t be able to hear, and also won’t be able to talk. You are in this illusionary black hole. There are shorter versions of it. But those are the phases in which, we have a high tendency to lose faith and track of what we are doing and why we are doing it.

This is when you start to loose the connection you had with what you are meant to do

The only path forward, and which is what you already know, is to “just keep swimming”.  Just keep doing what you were and don’t hand up, even in the black hole. If you were creating newsletters every week, then create newsletter every week.

I recently saw this ad and this is a super example of doing what you have to constantly.

I recently saw this Nescafé advertisement and that was a super example of doing what you have to constantly. 20 days and 4 million views. Have a look when you are relaxed and free. A two minute version of what my newsletter is talking about.


In order to see, hear and talk when in the black hole (metaphor being used at level philosophy), you must create, what is known as “An Accountability Reminder”

An accountability reminder can be anything. Your friend, your mother, your dad, your granddad, your nagging sister, a pestering aunt, your conscience, your teacher, a pet, a morning song you listen to (swadesh/national anthem- that’s what I do sometimes) or in my case, my cactus plant. 

This Accountability Reminder does not come with a snooze button my friend. It is what will keep you going forward. THIS IS WHAT WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET UP AND DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO. The reminder will hold you accountable.  Cause next time there is no probability for an escape.

The line between passion observing and active creation is very thin and in order to break it, you need to have an accountability reminder. This in turn will make you consistent in what you do. 

The world needs you and all you need is an accountability reminder.


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