Is there someone who has not thought about having super powers? At some point in our life we have thought about time traveling. It could be going forward to get out of the traffic you are stuck in, or to the past to re-live the vacation you are just returning from. Time travel has been the core point from the silliest reasons to block busters like Interstellar.


Learning about time travel revealed answers to various questions I had in mind. According to the philohsoper, Lewis, time travel is logically possible but physically not possible. Logically he proved that time traveling can be made possible but, he could not prove it physically. He didn’t get that time machine.


At present there are wars fought in the name of religion and so much hatred and unrest have risen due to conflict in ideas in the world we live in. The terror attacks that happened in Europe and in Asia are certainly clear examples and signs of the unrest that exist in this world. Why can’t there be a way in which we can find an answer as to why such mentality exists? How such events actually even start?


Consider this scenario,


There is one world somewhere in this galaxy that is the perfect ideal. Let us name the habitants in that world as Gods.


Take the entire universe that is already filled with thousands of galaxies within galaxies, countless worlds too. There are habitants in the other worlds as well.


To help you understand the whole context better, there are two senses of change associated with time traveling

1 – Replacement Change – an action performed where you change the physical state of objects. For example you time travel and make sure the nuclear bomb that fell on Hiroshima didn’t exist. Or you completely dismantle the aircraft the Wright brothers flew.

2 – Counterfactual change – an action which affects the consequences of various situations. For instance you are the reason why India and Pakistan never separated. This is counterfactual change as you have not altered the physical state of any object.


The time traveling theory stated by Lewis clearly states us that backward time travel is possible, if one does not cause any replacement change. But my theory suggests that time travel can be made possible even with replacement changes.


The link to God!


So the Gods are on the process of experimenting with life and they of course do mistakes. When they seriously screw up they take the option of time travel to correct their mistakes. When the option of time travel is taken, the mistake is reverted and everything is started again in another new world. So another world is copy and pasted except without the mistake done. And now life continues without that mistake done.


Suppose another mistake happens, Gods take time travelling, makes a replacement change and that process continues in another world.


Maybe this is why NASA is able to find traces of water in other planets. Maybe some really big mistake was made by the habitants of that world and that mistake was corrected in another world. This is something that could be thought about to challenge theories.


Mistake after mistake after mistake, corrected by various replacements changes in various worlds.


So people in the ideal world i.e. the gods are the time travels (co insides with the Puranas of the Hindu mythology). They are the ones who experiment with life. Isn’t that why we all pray for forgiveness, some way of changing the actions done?


So gods are just another form of you, living in that ideal world and that ideal perfect world is this planet Earth. That is why some say they can feel the presence of God, when in fact they are actually feeling themselves. That ideal world is this Earth.

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