I recently went to the movies for M.S.Dhoni, The Untold Story. After a long week at work and a large Maharaja Mac for dinner, I sat in this theatre that was filled even after weeks after its release at 10:30 in the night. I was physically exhausted, but Cricket is something you can connect with in this nation and Dhoni, with him captaining the team that won world cups for us, there is no need to explain how I am connected so closely with this movie. I was mentally awake till the very last minute.

In this movie I found a link that I think, we have missed. Dhoni didn’t and that got him to where he is now.

Born and brought up in a very difficult situation, Dhoni went through many hardships through out the journey of this career and life as well. At the end, he did prove his talent and gave us results. That is what matters the most.

The last scene particularly, when India got the winning runs, the entire nation was happy, elated and literally had tears in their eyes. “INDIA LIFTS THE CUP AFTER 28 YEARS” said Ravi Shashtri and I relived that moment and feeling I got 5 years back. All those who are directly and indirectly related to Dhoni, got up and started jumping with joy after the victory. Hell, I remember me jumping with my dad and mom because India won.

Irony is without such movies or even books, all that we can see through the media is the success part.

That is just the tip of the ice berg.

So, now, what link did Dhoni not miss?

He of course linked whatever he did, with what he loved, CRICKET. And one point of his career, he completely shifted his focus only to cricket. And he complemented that link with a smile during every single hardship he faced. The ability to look beyond the present and not getting lost by getting stuck is something Dhoni had. To look beyond what just happened and smile takes years and is no easy thing. The electric bulb will not suddenly glow and an idea that will revolutionise this world won’t pop up. Your ability to look beyond increases.

So here comes the MAK TIP 🙂

So what do you do when you get thrown down with the most frustrating thing you can think of…? SMILE. Thats the link you missed! Just keep smiling every minute. You wouldn’t move on then. The next to-do is to make sure you do not stop moving. The trick is to completely forget the surrounding and become deaf. Get up next day and see how to include what you love doing daily.  Dhoni did not get dejected and did not get immersed in sadness with those who pitied his state. He did not get stuck and you too, should not get stuck. You can add in emotion to every element, but, do not become emotional. By the time you realise you will be one step higher and the momentum to go towards success will come back again.

That is all it takes guys. One can’t just give you a customisable step-by-step procedure of what should be done.

I am sure it doesn’t matter if you missed getting on the train you wanted to, because, the next on is on its way.

Check out the movie whenever you can! (Click here)


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  1. “Focus” has also been the notable ability of MSD which is not that easier to keep up. And my favourite ability ‘being cool’ is the one I’m still learning from him. Nice article Jinglee. Keep going✌

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