People grow out of childhood, they grow up and so does the world. Every year, the calendar is changed and Yayyyyyy, party time. Thats one way to look at it, but what if new years is a day to look forward by analysing the year that ended.

Retrospection is a good confidence booster.

I am not sure if you were as mentally different as I was as a kid; I used to be given small chores like going to the grocery store. I disliked walking, but had no choice. To boost my own mood, I used to look back and see how far I have come and slowly I would have reached the shop exactly in 1.5 minutes. Yes, that was how close it was.

When such close proximity needs confidence boosters, a closer proximity like the year definitely needs it.

2016 has been a year when I have stretched my skills to the limit only to find that there is absolutely no limit in doing so. The conceptualised research forum idea in 2015, was inaugurated in 2016 and to a certain extent have been able to bring a positive change to the target community. I have started reading more, this very website, learning more and doing a lot more throughout 2016. This highly productive year was because of 3 things !

1 – Rejection and failure 

2 – Fear

3 – Love and friendship 

Oh, 2016 was also the year I faced by first ‘big’ failure because I was rejected through a selection process for the university I wanted to go to. The day I failed, I realised that I was open to a lot more and given a menu card with endless possibilities. I had to unlearn to know where I went wrong and how the path predicted could be ended abruptly.

To all those who faced rejection! Cheers mate. You now can do a lot more. 

With the endless possibilities, I feared I will loose the option of having such a state. That fear drove me to keep challenging myself to do what I thought I couldn’t. You know its possible, only when you step into the impossible. Fear, my friends, if your enemy, then you know the saying; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Fear if handled with maturity and confidence can be the best thing on your side.

Are you scared? You are not weak, you are having an extra bottle of nitrous boost.

In times of adversities, it is love from family and close ones that will keep you going. Friendship and love, if conditional, then you are the richest of the richest. That is the purpose of our life isn’t it? To be happy and to spread happiness. Although what gives you happiness, is another debatable topic. I was fortunate to be showered by support throughout the year. The only way to get this is by giving the same to the ones around you.

Love your family and friends, their love always will exponentially come back. You will need it. 

With this being said, I sincerely hope your 2017 is going to be exciting, fun, constructive, productive and memorable. I will constantly be writing and sharing through this website.

Happy New Beginning


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