– Why do we stop a habit?

– How to cut vegetables?

– What is the story behind the secret service’s code name?

– What makes 108 special?

– What is the science behind a colour- changing gin.

– What is mob mentality?

– Why do we end up being groggy when we sleep for an extra 15 min?

– Why do snooker players wear suits?

– Can the heart think?

– What is the science behind anxiety?

– How is a year calculated?

– How do you dart math?

– How is snow formed?

– How and why does a virus mutate?

– How to fight sugar cravings?

– Why did the Dalai Lama go into exile?

– How does smell unlock memories?

– Are symmetrical faces more attractive?

– How does a train announcement system work?

This week’s curiosity box covers topics that revolve around what I do when it is winter: scrap ice of windscreens, read, and sip hot chocolate. This curiosity box covers the following topics. 1 – Why and how does ice form on windscreens? 2 – How do you get rid ofContinue Reading

– Do fake people exist?

– What is vegan cheese made of?

This week’s curiosity box has been a perfect example of how we discover new knowledge by questioning the simplest of things that are right in front of us. This week, I cover the following topics Why is the close button in the corner of the screen? What is the conceptContinue Reading