After roaming in Tamil Nadu through short stories, it was a huge leap that I had to take to reach Maharashtra. The state that felt had only Mumbai written all over, now through this book, it is evident that life in Maharastra is more than what Mumbaikars have to say. Jejuri, aContinue Reading

My joinery across India through its pages as part of the “Increadable India” started off in my “home-state”. Tamil Nadu is not new to me. I was born here and have been living here for the past 22 years, education included.  So naturally I pretty much know how and whatContinue Reading

A graph can make things so clear. Helps you place a point at its right place. What if there was a graph to help you grow, personally and professionally?

I have developed this habit of reading at least for 1 hour a day. I read 5 genres of book at a time and if at all I come across anything that alerts my “AGGGHHHHHHHHHH THATS GREAT” antenna, I write them down in a small notepad. Here is a smallContinue Reading

We all these days get stuck in monotony easily and end up getting frustrated. How do we break that to get things more interesting? Well, here is the MAK tip extracted from the words of Sadhguru. When I grew up as a child, the arena for sports was possible almostContinue Reading

Pause this very second. Have you been in such situations? You start something in a zeal that can take over anything that comes in your way, do so many other things as a result of the zeal and unconsciously, in the back of your mind, you forget why you startedContinue Reading

Is there someone who has not thought about having super powers? At some point in our life we have thought about time traveling. It could be going forward to get out of the traffic you are stuck in, or to the past to re-live the vacation you are just returning from.Continue Reading