“Maaaa! The coffee is perfect!”

Gulping down the last bit of coffee left in the mug, I began recollecting how wonderful my trip to Goa was. The walks in the beaches, the people, the culture, and the tranquil environment were both relaxing and enjoyable.

Ahhhh! The sudden high coffee gives you!

All the tiredness of the travel began dissipating as I laid on my beanbag with my arms and legs stretched. I then looked up, and stared straight and blank at the ceiling fan.

And then the thoughts began to flow. 

Our nation is wonderfully contrasted. India is India for the fact that it is so rich and diverse with culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel to different places just to keep experiencing this diversity? For me, the vacation part is always fun, but the glumness that kicks in on my way back fizzles out all the excitement; the reality at times gives you the sucker punch.

Traveling places, experiencing life as raw as it can be, and, of course, tasting different FOOD are ingrained in all our to-do lists. Carefree travel is fun, but we go through something that we call “growing up”. We take in more responsibilities, and we can’t always withdraw money from Mom and Dad bank, can we? Added to that we also don’t start off with seven digit salaries that we can lavishly spend for travel.



I messaged one of my mentors who also happens to be a poet.

“Hello Ma’am. Good Morning. An idea popped up in my mind. I am planning to travel India, from one state to the other, through books. I will buy the book, read and write my journey as an article on my blog. After I read it, the book will find a place on a shelf labelled “Inc’read’able India” in my home. So when anyone asks me about India, I will know where to point.”

My thoughts began racing on how this project of mine will turn out to be. How replete my knowledge will be.

2 minutes later…


“Hi, Arun. Morning. Sounds like a great idea. You know what they say… the cheapest ticket to travel the world is a library ticket. But for now, for your idea and purpose start with amazon.in. Go for it!”

Wola Ladies and Gentlement. Welcome on board. Discover or Re-discover India through its pages.






the north east_arun



—————————More to Come————————————