My joinery across India through its pages as part of the “Increadable India” started off in my “home-state”. Tamil Nadu is not new to me. I was born here and have been living here for the past 22 years, education included.  So naturally I pretty much know how and what Tamil Nadu as a state is, the people, the habits and a little bit of our history. This is the notion that was shattered by the Tamil Story.

The book is a collection of short stories originally written in the local language. Right from 1915 till early 21st century, this book portrays how thinking, culture, lifestyle, writing style, society, economy and emotions have evolved over the course of the past century. Each story in the book also talks about what it would have felt like to be part of the society living life in that period of time. And this is evident in each and every story in the book. The book is a must read if you would like to know how the local authors and poets viewed the society. What is even more exciting is that this book also talks about the life of tamil people outside the state as well. This adds in more colours and thus completing the big picture.

Normally the books I read have chapters and every chapter would be correlated or would be the continuation of the previous one. This on the other hand has a unique way of showcasing every story. Every chapter is a separate story and that gave me the eagerness and curiosity of starting new for every single chapter(story). Every story takes you by surprise and the context setting takes time. For example a story may talk about a tree’s narration  of a girl and the next one would be a conversation between a couple. And to break your mindset, the next one would be a voice in a dream.

The stories are short and easy to read. Irony is, the implication of each story is deep and gives you this surreal feeling that can’t be fathomed in a moment. “Can this even exist?” Even if it is a century years old or if its just 10 years old, every story will give that feeling.

Talk about vibrancy and this is the book you can quote every time.You will be surprised to find issues discussed in some stories, and the irony is we still are in the same state, the same soup, and again repeating the same mistakes.

There is no structure or a defined flow set in the book, and that makes this a fun roller coster through times, through tides.

As I read the book a sudden thought occurred.

I found a MAK tip!

Our work, whatever and wherever, should be like the chapters of the book from the Tamil Story. Every chapter is anew and you start fresh, without forgetting the big picture.

Quote Paulo Coelho, “What is success? It is able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace” I personally feel that, this peace will come only when you are able to avoid carry overs of chapters.

If you thought about taking the trash out or washing the sink full of vessels, you should do it and close the chapter. What happens is, you do not carry over work to the next day. This gives you a the feeling that you have more time and with more time comes more productivity. Peace comes in small packages as well.

The last line is original. I quoted it !!!

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  1. You’ve given me a feeling that I too have read the book indirectly! Will follow for sure

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