With a menu card in hand at the restaurant, you probably are the boss, or king-like if you suppose. You get to choose what you want, and the best thing is, it comes to where you are! With a multitude of choices, you have absolute control over when and how you want your order.

Choices – whether in a menu card or life – give a sense of power as you get to control it. However, lurking amongst them is a paradox. Choosing is an art. Saying no is just as important and influential as saying yes. Most of the management gurus funda is that by staying focused on our decisions, we will reach the acme. Reaching the pinnacle because of our choices is always easy the first time. It is only during the aftermath of achievement, the paradox of choices kicks in.

Every time you need to make a decision you need energy; identification of goals, laying out alternatives, weighing choices, choosing, executing, and completion through feedback and introspection. I have a hypothesis that as a person makes more decisions in life, the higher the energy we will need to spend. More you achieve, through your informed decisions, the more energy you will need. The cycle repeats itself. So, more choices, more control right?


The paradox of choices

We, humans, suffer from the inability to say no. With a multitude of options laid in front, we either choose something that we don’t need, or we choose a lot. You have to paraphrase the sentence, “choosing a lot does not mean doing a lot” to ”lowering your quality”.

I believe that the way to go about this paradox is to make sure you do not jump into concluding what you want to choose.

1 – Step aside and give it time.

The foremost task, when presented with a list of options, is to step aside to give yourself some time to think.

2 – The ritual habit is important.

When you’re thinking, it is vital to keep your rituals on track. By maintaining a focus on the bigger goal, your consistent practice of rituals will lead you to mastery.

3 – Alignments with goals

Having a purpose is great. Often, most of us do not have “that calling”. Nevertheless, you can think of having 2 or 3 years goals revised on a regular basis. It is important to see how you should align your choices with your goals.

4 – Choose

The final step is the easiest. Say a blind yes to the option.

Make sure the very choices that give you control do not mire you down.

Most of the productivity hacks say that saying no is just as important as saying yes. I have observed why we say “yes”

That will come in the next article.

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  1. You have just given an outline thesis…looking forward to more !

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