Don’t get me wrong. A questioning mindset that makes you engage with a piece of writing with questions like why is this information relevant, who is the author, is the author credible, what are the sources cited, and so on is fantastic when you want to write an academic piece of paper. In fact, you ought to have this mentality if you wish to score high grades. If it is not for academics and for generally improving my general knowledge, I read opinionated articles while making sure I am in the proper mindset. Not when I want to scrolls mindlessly. 

As for filtering people out, it is not easy to unfollow friends and family. I do make the effort of having a conversation via text, groups, or calls as frequently as possible. 

My friend had an interesting observation. She said, “I think people want to be heroes and are compelled to be THE SOURCE of information in their community”. I personally think people need to break this mentality. You don’t have to keep passing on information in the pretext of ensuring people are informed. Yes, your community won’t know what’s happening around, but at least you can save them for unnecessary worry. 

Also, at this juncture, I must have an open-minded approach in continually ensuring that ways do work. When they fail, it is time to go back to the drawing board and try a new approach.

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