When I set-up maktheway, one of the steps I took was to follow other bloggers. Tim Ferris, Victor Cheng, Brain pickings, Wait but Why, Ariana Huffington, Chartr, Bill Gates, and the list goes on.Â

Although all the blogs are unique, one commonality they shared was a consistent weekly post about what augmented their curiosity.

And I thought, why not me as well?

The Curiosity Box – an attempt to measure a box in units of time

Every week you will receive a 10-minute read that summarises all the questions and answers that piqued my curiosity. And also, by focussing on a different set of themes every week, each curiosity box is diversity assured.

(links to the sources of information are also enclosed)

Well, go on and open one.

(Just wait till this Sunday for the first one)