I took a short hiatus from writing in this blog because I was fully occupied most mornings and several weekends in the last 18 months to write my grandparents’ life story.¬†Their story¬†is a recount of my grandparents’ journey, and in all these years they were together, they gave us nothing short of the best.

My next article in the increadible India project. This article will give you a quick insight on what the Hoysala dynasty has done in the region of Karnataka. Read more to know the comparisons between the 1010 AD and 2017 AD

the north east_arun

Of all the books I have read for the past few years, this has taken me the longest time to complete. Half the size of a Game of Thrones book but longer it took for comprehending and understanding the connections, the stories, the emotions, the actions and the consequences andContinue Reading