– What is the science behind candles?

– Why is there ‘Indian’ in front of Tonic Water?

– Alzheimers’ – What happens inside our brain?Continue Reading

This week’s curiosity box is a special edition. In addition to topics that got me curious, this blog aims to raise awareness for St Catherine’s Hospice, a non-profit I will be supporting through fundraising fast.  The questions that got me curious are, 1 – What does fasting do to yourContinue Reading

– Will the way you stir tea differ depending on which hemisphere you are from?

– What makes a coloured moon?

– What is up with muons?Continue Reading

This week’s curiosity box moved away from general science and maths to explore philosophy and history. In this week, I explore 1 – How can you create a fair social system? 2 – Why did the British straighten the cucumber? 1 – How can you create a fair social system?Continue Reading

– Did the industrial revolution start from a kitchen? 

– How does soap remove dirt?

– What is gluten? How does it build up?Continue Reading

– What is the physics and chemistry behind baking?

– How does light therapy help with SAD?

– Why do people pay 1 rupee more ?Continue Reading